Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been a really long time.

I'm newly-obsessed with leopard print.  The Labor Day sales made it even better for me because I got a huge comfy throw (that was $70) for $20.  Now I just want everything to reflect my wild-wish-I-was-a-stripper side.  So here's my latest project (short shorts and all):

I wanted a wall mirror but I'm not the type to pay more than $10 for something unnecessary and chintzy.  I got the mirror for $4 and a roll of Spotted Leopard Duck Tape and now I'm one step closer to sleeping in a hooker's lair.  Yay me!

I got a haircut a few days ago, too.  I started watching Sex and the City about 2 weeks ago and can't stop.  Carrie's hair in Season 5 is finally not ridiculous and is actually suuuuper cute!  My hair isn't so much, but I haven't actually tried doing anything with it yet.  I see some volumizing products in my near future, though.