Monday, December 19, 2011

The Good News

My UGGs have finally arrived!  I've been waiting for about two weeks and my black Classic Talls are finally here.  :-D

They're gorgeous and perfect...*sigh*

And now the family is complete...for a few months.

On another lovely note, my homemade Christmas coasters for the in-laws are done.  I'm pretty excited, but I learned a lot and will do quite a bit differently the next time around.
They started out pretty rough-looking.

I used this set of instructions (of course I found the link on ediTORIal) and the results are below. :)

Ready to go!

The only other homemade gifts I really succeeded in making this year (aside from the delicious peanut clusters) were variations of this:

which I found on tumblr.  Here they are:

I employed my Cricut for the one on the right and I just used ink and rubber stamps for the one on the left.  I like the effect of background so I used green tissue paper and purple striped scrapbook paper.

OOOh and you can enter to win a pair of Blowfish shoes here, on The Dainty Squid(Kaylah)'s blog!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fuzzy Friday #3, plus some stuff that I love


this is typical...

She takes over the uncomfortable chair all of the time.  I can't wait to blog about it when I'm done re-doing the entire thing.

Who could say no to that face?
cute little bunny
I'm squealing.

I miss having dwarf hamsters.  Might be time for another...

I can't get enough of Frenchies.  I keep asking Remy if she wants a French sister and her answer never deviates from "Ooouuiiiiii."  Guess it's meant to be.

                                                I love these, that's why I have too many.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY wreath

I'm a little behind on decorating this year, but I figured I'd post this anyway.  I saw this wreath on ediTORIal and fell in love.  The style I love (though it's not always reflected in this space) is centered around simple country/antique looks.  Anyways, I deviated from every pattern I used for this so hang on tightly.

I started with the things below.  I ended up switching out that white ribbon for some silver stuff that I had from aerie (you know how they tie the bags? finally found a use).  I added more tools but I'll talk about that in a minute.

18 inch straw wreath (much cheaper than foam) $4.99 Hobby Lobby
Natural Jute 135 ft. $3.99 Hobby Lobby
Hot glue gun & glue
This definitely isn't a quick project.  I didn't expect that it'd take less than an hour but it's quite time consuming to wrap that whole wreath with a tiny strand at a time.  Also, I'm sure it's easier to use a foam wreath since they are not bumpy like the bound straw is, but I save like $5 doing it this way, so I'm not complaining.

When I was finally done wrapping the wreath, I started with the bow.  I was going to use this tutorial from My Girl Thursday's blog because Elycia made a similar wreath and tested the look of a felt bow as well.  I quickly realized that while the felt bows are adorable, I didn't want to go buy felt (I only had purple, black, yellow and pink) and then I found my aerie ribbon stash so it all worked out.

I started the bow with this tutorial.  Everything went smoothly until I couldn't find any tiny wire.  I tried safety pins and failed miserably.  I ended up using a scrapbooking tool, the Crop A Dile, to punch a hole in the center and inserted a square-head fastener (kind of like these).  Although I really didn't want to hot glue the bow because I plan to make different ones and planned to switch them for seasons, I ended up having to.

I think it turned out okay anyways.

That's all for today.  I have 48 more hours before I'll be at work again so I'm going to get a bunch of other projects done and try to get rid of this sinus infection business.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of my obsessions...

I am obsessed with Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott.  I know, the annoying paparazzi is only perpetuated by people like me, but the thing is, I love everything they stand for.  I think Tori is absolutely amazing because she became such an awesome (and ambitious) wife and mother and all-around busy lady despite her uncommon upbringing.  And well, her and Dean together remind me of Adam and myself.  I first thought that when I read sTORI Telling a couple of years ago and dove into the details of their fairytale of fate.  As for the show, I love that they have disagreements just like everyone else, but at the end of the day, they (and their kids) are each other's first priority.
I am not only in love with Oxygen's Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, but I also check her blog a little too often to be healthy.  Their store INVENTORI even has a website!  On the show the idea was basically to sell all of the crap Tori's accumulated, so I thought for sure I'd never see past what they show on Oxygen because I don't get to Hollywood much.  As soon as I discovered the website, I, of course, bought something (squirrels!).  And now I just can't stop lusting after everything else.

Until the next episode (Tuesday!) I'll be watching re-runs of the adorable couple and their hilarious kids. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fuzzy Friday #2

I've got a bit of an obsession with wolves beginning.  I think it's just a continuation of the thing I have for all fox(-like things) and not the start of a hipster conversion.  Actually, I'm praying it is.

I can finally look without crying.

Ohhhhhh, I need this adorable pupper!